Making Mums Stronger

I want to help mums feel stronger on the inside and out, and change the way women look and feel about themselves. Let’s forget about getting our pre-baby back and respect our body for what it has achieved. I am passionate about building a community for my Mums where they feel motivated to be fitter and stronger.

23rd Jan - 31st March

Monday 10.30, Tuesday 9.30, Tuesday 10.30 am & Friday 9.30 am

Cricket Club Buderim

Thursday 10.30 & Saturday 7.30

Lions Playground, Maroochydore

Term 1

  • This program is designed by a mum for mums of all stages and runs alongside school terms. ​

  • The group training will help increase or rebuild your strength from the inside out, having a strong focus on the pelvic floor and core.​

  • The training is fun, with a chance to meet other like-minded mums.

  • We are not just a fitness group we are a fitness community.

If you are interested in joining the tribe drop your details below so you can come along for a FREE trial.

Our Programs


Groups of no more than 12 Mums and bubs are held weekly in Buderim & Maroochydore. Come along and train with like-minded mums in a group environment. I will help to rebuild your body from the inside out, working alongside a women’s health physiotherapist.


Do you work best in a one-on-one setting? I work with you to achieve your personal goals. 1 on 1 personal training sessions at my Buderim Studio or a local Buderim or Maroochydore Park.

Online Upskill Membership

Virtual training from your own home, join our team of online members to work out in your own home in your own time. We have life and recorded workouts to suit all needs.

Meet your coach.

I’m Emma, a mum of two amazing boys, who changed my world forever. ​ I have always had a passion for fitness and after having my second baby I knew it was time for me to do something for myself, I followed my dream of becoming a personal trainer. I want to set a good example for my boys and show them that health and fitness is an essential part of life. I am a certified pre/post natal trainer who works closely with a Womens Health Physiotherapist to ensure sure women get the best care and support. I am also a proud member of the MumSafe™ team of fitness professionals who provide safe and effective exercise at every stage of motherhood.   I look forward to working with you! ​ Emma xx

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